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The Foundations for Creating Content

Updated: Jul 25, 2022

Our work at Blue Shoe is all about creating content that will entertain engage and educate your followers and clients.

I recently saw an old interview between Oprah and Cormac McCarthy. He was amazing. She was uncomfortable. I think she didn’t know how to woo him. He didn’t come wanting to please her. As a result she had to find another way to dialog. Or so it seemed to me.

He said something extraordinary. If you write well, you shouldn’t need much punctuation. He doesn’t use quotation marks. I’m not going to either in this piece.

I couldn’t let it go.

I started to think about how we create content now through writing and video and imagery. Social media enables communication and story telling through those mediums. I started to think about not needing to punctuate in writing. I’m writing this without commas or colons or anything other than capitals and periods. I think it’s working?

So then I started to think about video. Communicating in a video. Like the period in writing a pause is your friend in video voice overs and interviews. Timing. Pause. Emphasis.

In the imagery it should be approached with the same simplicity as writing and video. One message per image. Give up the overlays. Trust the viewer and you don’t need text over the picture. The picture should tell the entire story. One image.

That’s it. The foundational layout for strong content through imagery writing and video.

--Christine Merser, Founder, Blue Shoe


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