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Our Take on Political Ads

Blue Shoe has done work with politicians over the years and while I found this ad entertaining and engaging, I think it was a waste of time.

It raises the endorphins of those who are already voting against Dr. Mehmet Oz, but you already had their vote. Republicans think it’s yet another left wing attack and who cares about what he said all those years ago? They care about their gas prices. They care about abortion. They care about not letting the liberals win. The way to attack him, in my humble opinion, is to show that he is really a liberal, a follower of Oprah and the liberal left and he is not going to serve the right the way they think he will. Make him a liberal.. and how to do that? Send out pictures of him with Oprah. With other liberals and their causes. He’s not one of us and he slipped through the cracks. Don’t vote. Wait until 2024 when it really matters.

What counts in an ad? Depends on who it’s trying to sway and what they care about.


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