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Instagram - What's Next?

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

Instagram. Video. Kim K. Drama! What do all these things have to do with you, you might ask? If you've tried to upload a video to Instagram in the last few weeks, you might have received the following alert: "video posts are now shared as Reels.” This means you've been part of a beta pool Instagram is using to test their new strategy to put videos first and foremost on the platform. You might also have noticed your feed is flooded with vertical videos and very few images. These are reels. Videos as regular feed posts are no more and the number of static images being displayed are being limited. All videos uploaded to your feed will now be uploaded as Reels, meaning anyone can discover your Reel and use your original audio to create their own Reel, as long as your profile is public. If you haven't received this notice yet, proceed as normal but keep in mind what the future could bring.

Now, how does this affect your Instagram strategy? If you use Instagram for your business, this could be a good thing. Your Reel can now reach users in their 'For You Page,' based on their interests and other interactions on the app, not just those that already follow you. It could drastically expand your base of followers.

Now back to Kim K. Why is she involved? Kim Kardashian, among other celebrities and influencers, pushed back immediately, accusing Instagram of trying to become like TikTok. That being said, Instagram is now backtracking on some of its strategy. The truth is, everything is fluid right now and we may not know yet where things are going but in the meantime here's what you can do to prepare.

1) Start banking content shot in vertical form to fit Reels - think short, impactful clips, voiceovers.

2) Put less of an emphasis on photos, don't spend all your time and money there.

3) Come up with some great audio that fits your brand.

Reach out if you'd like to discuss how this changes your strategy or want to brainstorm any idea!

--Frances Pearson, Blue Shoe


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