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Instagram Story vs. Instagram Reel

By: Kenzie Contillo, Content Creator, Blue Shoe Content

What is the difference between an Instagram story and a reel?

Essentially, the biggest difference between a reel and a story is that stories are pictures or videos that only last for 24 hours. A reel is a video post that not only sits on your profile's grid, but also the infinite chain of videos in the reels tab.

When should you use a story instead of a reel? And vice versa. Well, the answer is as simple as, a square can be a rectangle, but a rectangle can never be a square. Essentially, what you put on your stories shouldn't always be something you add to your reel/posts, but every post you upload, can go on your story. Considering Instagram stories only last 24 hours, it is important to use stories when information is urgent, current or something not important enough to be seen on your page forever. However, when you post something on your grid, it will exist there until you remove or archive it. Not to confuse matters, but you can also share your reel from your grid to your story to give it an extra boost in the first 24 hours it's up.

In order to prevent wasting time on content creation, keep your stories short and sweet. A story can be as simple as a reminder for your followers to keep an eye out for an upcoming, important date. They are also a way to engage with your followers and even gather data. Put together a short poll, ask a question, or give your followers a short quiz. You might even end up in some interesting conversations with your followers. Keep your stories grabbing attention and a push for people to tap on your profile and look for more content. Save the depth for your reels/posts as they last forever and are the meat and potatoes of your brand. Your stories only support your posts. Sometimes they can even do all of the work if you do it right!

By: Kenzie Contillo, Content Creator, Blue Shoe Content


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