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Funding Your Project Series - Watch all 3 Sessions Now

Have an exciting project you need funding for? Not sure where to start in the wild world of crowdfunding, grants, and so much more? Over the course of January, Blue Shoe's Christine Merser led a series of sessions focusing on funding your film project, from start to finish. We recommend you watch these three episodes before embarking on your fundraising journey, no matter what industry you're in or raising money for.

In the first session, we cover what to do before you even approach anyone. Before you go out to anyone to fundraise and ask for money, there are certain collateral elements we recommend you have in your toolbox. These include a PDF, a video, an Instagram page for your project, and a LinkedIn account. In this session we go into each of the these four elements. Armed with these four pieces, there's nothing you can't achieve.

In the second session, we focused on researching and your approach to fundraising. Our advice? Start with Google searches around your project's genre and the right funders. It sounds simple, but it will tell you A LOT. Suggested keywords along with your topic include grants and institutional equity. Then what? Move to LinkedIn. Christine walks through step-by-step her recommendations for researching potential funders and then moving to outreach. And, don't forget your posse! Christine also walks though the different types of funding from crowdfunding, to lines of credit, to synergistic partnerships and more.

And in the third & final session of the series, Christine focused on warm and cold call outreach. How to approach those you covet and believe are right for your project. The doorway in, and how you walk through that door, might just determine whether or not anyone in the room looks up to notice you. And, as you are getting your funding, presenting yourself on Social Media has some do’s … and don’ts.

Reach out if you have any questions about fundraising for your project.


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