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First Impressions

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

Global Headquarters Blue2 Media, October 2023

Unfulfilled expectations. I speak about this subject often. Getting a sale by promoting something you can't produce (but sure looks good in your marketing) will never make you successful. The customer will not sing your praises; in fact, they may even sing your condemnations. They will never listen to you, buy from you, care about you, or promote you again. And if you really look at the numbers, all those elements matter in ensuring true growth of your business. It's not just about that first sale.

But there is something associated with unfulfilled expectations that is worth taking a look at: First impressions.

When I worked from home, sometimes putting my hair in a ponytail was the closest I got to taking a shower. And then one day I slipped into the post office to get my mail, expecting the same no-one-ever-sees-me-at-the-post-office experience, when oops, who should appear? I promise you it wasn't eight fabulous reindeer. It was the president of a company we do business with, and he did a double take at the sight of me. I'm not sure whether it was the hair in a ponytail or the UGG slippers (worn for many, many happy years) that did me in, but I knew my power of persuasion with him was lost forever. I no longer go out unless I look good enough not to ruin my reputation. Ever.

Need a visual? Here's one from my personal experience that doesn't sell my personal self down the river.

When I'm on the Cape, I frequent a breakfast haunt called Jack's Out Back. Everything they do is wonderful. Organic eggs. Homemade sausage. Popovers made fresh every day. I go early, like at 6:30, so I don't run into anyone and can have my private time. It's part of my routine, and it works for me. Recently, for the first time in the five years I’ve been going there, I ordered a blueberry pancake.

“Peter,” I said when it arrived, “did they forget the blueberries?” Peter and I are close, like brother-sister close. We understand each other.

“No, it's there. They just fall to the bottom.”

So I took a bite and here is what the other side of the pancake looked like: A plethora—a plethora I say to you—of blueberries were in that pancake. It was more blueberries than pancake. Fresh, fabulous blueberries. Why he didn't serve that side of the pancake up for me to see when they first arrived is beyond me. First impression.

But too bad for Jack's Out Back. The damage is done. My first impression of that pancake was the lasting impression, even after I saw the other side of the pancake and the major return it represented on my pancake-order investment.

A simple thing to fix. Revisit that first impression on all things you send out. Which side of the pancake do you present? - Christine


Marvelous Messaging

They sell natural finishing colors and we love this billboard. Love it. And, yet, there is one issue we have. If you are driving by you might miss the logo/brand. But then again, billboards, unless they are on interstates, are usually seen over and over again, as many people use the same routes almost daily. Great first impression, right?


For Your Listening Pleasure

Our Creative Human, Christine Merser, has many interests. One is that she has been reviewing film and television for the last nine years with a 4.0 rating on Apple... and was just picked up for Spotify's featured Podcasts. If you love film, don't miss her reviews and podcasts onScreen Thoughts. This past week? The Super Models docuseries that is at the forefront of the news, and a Sundance favorite that has just arrived to streaming, Flora and Son. Hollister (AKA Christine Merser) says Flora and Son belongs in the awards circle.


Social Media Tips

November Social Media Holidays

Take a look at the upcoming social media ‘holidays’ for November. Some are going to be very oversaturated like #Thanksgiving and #BlackFriday. A few that stick out to us? #NationalCandyDay (maybe some suggestions for what to do with leftover Halloween candy?) #NationalEntrepreneursDay. We love celebrating our entrepreneurial clients. And #WorldHelloDay. We could always use a hello!

Men’s Health Awareness Month - Movember #Movember

November 1. World Vegan Day #WorldVeganDay

November 1. National Authors Day #NationalAuthorsDay

November 4. National Candy Day #NationalCandyDay

November 8. Science, Technology, Engineering, and Medicine


November 12. Deepavali/Diwali #Deepavali #Diwali

November 13. World Kindness Day #WKD

November 15. America Recycles Day #BeRecycled

November 16. International Day for Tolerance #ToleranceDay

November 17. International Students Day #InternationalStudentsDay

November 19. International Men’s Day #InternationalMensDay

November 20. Universal Children’s Day #UNChildrensDay

November 21. World Hello Day #WorldHelloDay

November 21. National Entrepreneurs Day #EntrepreneursDay

November 23. Thanksgiving Day #Thanksgiving

November 24. Black Friday #blackfriday

November 24. National Day of Listening #DayOfListening

November 25. Small Business Saturday #ShopSmall

November 27. Cyber Monday #CyberMonday

November 30. Computer Security Day #ComputerSecurityDay



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