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Fabulous Valentine's Day Marketing

Yesterday was Valentine’s Day. Today's post featuring fabulous marketing ideas, centers around my friend Patrice Tanaka‘s Valentine’s Day approach back in the day when she ran one of the major PR firms in New York City. Patrice is a lover of love and joy.

They closed their offices on Valentine’s Day and they asked every employee to commit to using the day to perform acts of love and kindness. Maybe that would be baking cookies for your kid’s class. Or maybe, volunteering somewhere, whatever.

But here’s the marketing clincher. They sent via snail mail, a card out to other clients explaining why the day would be a day they couldn’t be reached.

One of the things we at Blue Shoe believe in, especially now all these years later, is sending mail. A note. A small gift. A card. Everyone likes getting things in the mail especially because in a saturated market place, no one’s really doing it.

Congratulations to Patrice and her quest to add joy and love in everyone’s life. She is an inspiration.

--Christine Merser, Managing Partner, Blue Shoe


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