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#BlueShoeAdCommentary - Dr. Pepper

Oh my. There they were having a nice day at Dr. Pepper's marketing offices, when this happened. Twitter lit up with Dr. Pepper references, and it wasn't pretty. Regardless of which side of the aisle you sit on, you do not want this image going out to tens of millions of Americans as a mirror of what your customer looks like, or even worse, a window into that which they aspire to be. We at Blue Shoe ask our clients to make sure that when they post people and images that they provide a mirror of the person they want to call their customer and/or a window into that which they aspire to be. Not so much here.

Opportunity? Nope, not on this one. Ignore. Go to a movie for the afternoon. Understand

that the cycle will move on and go silent. You might remember that when Jim Jones used Kool-Aid to poison his posse, they took Kool-Aid off the shelves for a year. This is not the same thing, but the lesson is the same. Silence. Know that the cycle moves on. And, when you are sure the coast is clear? Come out with some strong content to re-establish your Dr. Pepper following.

--Christine Merser, Founder, Blue Shoe


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