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An Introduction to AI

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

(Artificial Intelligence)

We wanted to share with you the workshop we ran on AI last week. Christine shared a brief history of AI, a number of uses for AI from personal to business (finances, content creation, generating ideas, etc.) & showed examples from a number of apps and services.

For anyone who attended the session, you will be getting more information on specific apps and services to use later this week. If you weren't able to attend the session but you'd like to be included in that list, please email Frances.

Social Media Tips

Know Your Market

Ok, this is more than Social Media success; it's about knowing your market and fearing nothing in making sure you speak to that market,

even if it turns off others.

Their market? You decide. But go to their Instagram account and look at who's following them.

Their sense of humor? In our minds, priceless.

Yes, they do have 300,000 followers - for a niche market product - fabulous!

Their messaging makes them money. These mugs? As popular as the coffee? We think so, and their explanation for the picture, "Tell all of your other mugs, it's a wrap." Well, it's in the voice of the irreverence of the brand's stance. Our coffee is not for the sensitive, fragile flower. It's for those striding the earth like a Titan, or Titaness, or Titanier (for the they, their amongst us).

Synergistic partners? Joe's Steak, who is a tough guy who has a steak rub.

Notes to selves: Know your market. Speak to them and ignore those who belong elsewhere. Do not be afraid to only appeal to a smaller marketshare.

Blue2 Media Swag

Make it Personal

Every few weeks we will be sharing some of our favorite swag and putting some offerings in-front of you for consideration.

2023 is our 30th anniversary of being in business. We sent out this message and accompanying 'pearl' in an oyster shell to some of the people who were part of the posse (women) that made Blue Shoe a success. A personal note from our founder was on the other side. Just a little something. Need something designed for a date you are celebrating? Or launching? Or closing?

Give a holler and we will design the perfect gift for you to send.

Feel free to forward this to any colleagues, friends, or family you think

might be interested!


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