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Amanda Gorman: Cashing In?

Thanks Leslie Grossman for the article. Right in my sweet spot. Have a read. Welcome to the Post Era Sell Out

As for Amanda Gorman, she has turned away upwards of $20M in offers. Her choices are right on to cash in (not a bad thing) on hard work. You go Amanda. But truth be told, Amandas are few and far between.

"In January, I listened to the disembodied voice of 22-year-old National Youth Poet Laureate Gorman reciting her inauguration poem, “The Hill We Climb. I saw that Gorman had signed with IMG Models’ beauty and fashion endorsement group. I should have seen it coming. There had been signs: The yellow Prada coat she wore during the inauguration had gone viral, and she had tagged the brand on Instagram, where she now has 3.7 million followers.The speed with which Gorman had gone from activist poet to potential brand spokesperson—less than a week—was astonishing. In Feb AG posted a “Black History Month Manifesto.” It was commissioned by Nike as part of a campaign where Nike committed $40M to Black communities."


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