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Kentucky Fried Chicken: Launches Its New Brand in Unexpected Places

You know we are always talking about placing your product in unexpected places, away from the maddening crowd of competitors. Well, KFC, a brand from long long ago, nailed it this week.

KFC's smells-like-chicken seasoned tickets — the latest in a long line of marketing stunts from the brand — are intended to help the chain promote its new online delivery platform at and its new Fried Wings menu item. The promotion is timed to coincide with a period when football fans are home watching NFL games. Per KFC, wings are a popular snack choice during football season, with Americans projected to consume more than 1.38 billion chicken wings during the Super Bowl this year, according to a National Chicken Council forecast cited by KFC.

Working with StubHub for the promotion makes redeeming the offer convenient for consumers and could help KFC get in front of potential new customers as the platform is widely used to purchase tickets for sporting and music events. It also gives KFC a way to deliver a tangible — and scented — product to consumers via the mail, which could help it make a bigger impression than a digital-only offer.

Nicely done KFC. Nicely done.

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