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The Perfect Cold Call

I never respond to cold calls. Hate them. I'm rude on the phone and people gasp if they are in the room when I answer.

Never say never.

I got this in my inbox (see image) Not only did I respond, but they are going to do work with Blue Shoe, and if their content is as good as her sales persona, they had me at hello.

Some takeaways for you to consider.

Take the time to look at who you are reaching out to - let them know you get them.

She found what our philosophy centers around, and I kept reading.

She said what she is selling.

I get what they do. Don't you? And, she did it in two short sentences. No run on sentences in her pitch, which already makes her a better writer than I am.

She offered me something for looking at her further. Free.

Something of worth without me having to buy anything to get it. That tells me she believes in her product. If your product sucks you are not going to show me before I buy it.

Best cold 'call' I've gotten in a decade.

The long and short of it is that I spoke with her on the phone and she answered my razor sharp questions efficiently and confidently, including pricing. She sent me their sample page, and I'm all in. I'll let you know how it goes.

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