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Apps to Enhance Your Instagram Content

With nearly 800 million Instagram users, it might seem impossible to stand out from the crowd. Beyond the basic filters and hashtags, here are some apps we found that will up your game:

1. InShot - this "video editor" app is perfect for cleaning up your videos by letting you add voice-overs, music, graphics, and more.

2. Over - the "picture pro" app is great for collages, mini posters, and instagram stories. It gives you easy-to-use fonts, graphics, and images to clean up your 'gram.

3. Kirakira - this "sparkle" app is perfect if you are trying to show off jewelry, glass, or a clean space and want to add a little bling to your picture.

4. Wordswag - this "graphic designer" app gives you a great selection of unique fonts to write quotes with, and make brilliant blog graphics. (see example below.)

5. Hype-type - this "animated text" app lets you choose your fonts and colors, and then gives your words life as they move across the screen when you post.

-Bella Walko, Content Creator, Blue Shoe Strategy

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