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2016 Trends: Video

Ah, the first of the year and time for our Founder, Christine's five days of trends for 2016.

Day One: Video Replaces Print

I alluded to it last year, and now it's here. The written word becomes one dimensional and lackluster as a means of presenting engaging, entertaining and educational information. Video's 3D way of telling a story - more quickly than reading it - becomes marketing king.

Take a look at Reuters new 'TV' app. While we think they shouldn't call it TV, it replaces the ticker tape that became fax that became email that became text way of presenting the news.

Just look at the 'feed' that comes up when you go into the app. It even tells you how many seconds will be used to tell you the story, and you can adjust the filters to make it only five seconds, or up to five minutes depending on whether you are a water-skier or a deep sea diver.

Then take a look at the three takeaways they say you get in the confirmation of the app download.

How long? You decide.

Where and when? You decide.

You watch. We listen. They will let you decide the 'type' of news you are interested in viewing.

And, so, in a way that is even more customer centric than ever before, your news will now appear in video, just the way you want it, and only presenting the news you think is worth your time.

So, we were right about the written word, that Reuters used to hold so dear, and now recognizes is passé. If only Kodak had realized the same thing about photographs and printing, they might be in business today.

2016 Trend. Video in all things. To tell all the stories and sell all the wares.

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