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Marketing Trends 2016

Last but not least in our Five Days of Marketing Trends in 2016 is our one liner considerations for marketing in 2016.

Mobile Owns the Stage

Mobile, having grown over the past years, will make desktops obsolete this year. If you are not viewing your website changes on your mobile device rather than your desktop, you are not seeing what your clients and potential clients are seeing. We've put this out before, but this year it becomes law.

Apps Emerge

This is the year that apps need to be considered as a marketing tool, and if your product or service can be part of one (put your product inside a lifestyle app) - or needs to have one (you are a lifestyle website), then make it happen now. Apps are the new websites, and we believe finding ways to be in others' apps is a strong early adapter opportunity.

Texting: The New Eblast

Texting is the new e-blasting. We said it first last year and now it's becoming the norm, but use it sparingly, wisely, ensuring that when you text it's a call to action that benefits the recipient in some way - not an informercial for yourself.

Influentials: Your Brand's BFF

Target influencers this year and get them onboard your bandwagon. Spend marketing dollars delivering to them your product and services so they can get the word out. Best investment of the year in our opinion. (We define influencers as those who influence large numbers of potential clients through their blog, social media platforms, or other vehicles that your demographics listen to.)

Data Driven Marketing

Data is your best friend and you best evaluate it. Making marketing decisions on data gathered (all social media platforms now offer information on who is seeing and caring about what you do) is so much better than using your general gut feelings. We can't hear, "that did really well," from our clients anymore without asking them to define 'really well.' And more often than not, it's a feeling rather than the raw numbers that are now available to everyone. Look at the data often. Analyze it and make changes accordingly.

We wish you well this year. We look forward to the growth of our clients and the exciting opportunities available to us all.

If you have any questions, or would like to get in touch, please shoot us an email.


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