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2016 Trends: Hashtags

It's all about hashtags in 2016. With content overload the biggest challenge in being seen in today's market, and our inability to follow everything that is now available to us on our social media platforms in the time we have available as human beings, this year is going to be about filtering what we see, and that means hashtags become an important tool in time management.

Whereas we used to take the time to go through our feeds on all the platforms we joined, there just isn't time anymore. More and more, people will go to the platform and find the content of interest by using the #hashtag to filter what they see, which will index the content and match it to their interest.

Twitter is a great example. With the sheer number of tweets put forth, the ability to monitor your feed is impossible. But type in a #hashtag of interest, and you will be able to get the feed you want about the topic of interest behind that hashtag.

Hashtag personalization has taken off over the past year and will continue to grow. Creating a hashtag, clever and memorable, to surround your initiative IF you have the reach, will serve you well. Ownership of hashtags will start to be the issue that URLs were in the 90's. Get your company hashtag foundation done post haste this year.

And, for content uploads, choose your hashtags carefully, creatively. Research them. Leave the generic aside and focus on those hashtags that your demographic will use in their searches around the content you are posting.

It's the year hashtag investment will show a return better than Berkshire Hathaway.

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