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2016 Trends: Quality Over Quantity

Ah, the holy grail of social media in 2016. What to expect?

Quality over Quantity in all things.

No longer caring about the number of followers and focusing instead on the quality of the responses you get when posting is what matters. Did you put a sale up? Did anyone click to buy? If not, getting five new followers with your boosting of said sale is irrelevant.

Have you chosen the right platforms for your product or service? Which feeds your demographic more? If Facebook isn't working for you, but your LinkedIn content is making waves and true connection, then drop Facebook and possibly consider guest blogging as well. By now, we should all know where our peeps call their social media homes, and wherever their watering holes are is where we want to be. And, it's not the number of social media platforms, but rather the quality of the responses on them that should determine your social media plan.

Posting five times a week is no longer the goal! Posting when you have relevant content that is timely and interesting is what will make or break your success. While you can't be MIA long enough to have your clients think they should report you as missing, you can post when you have something fabulous to post.

So, in all things marketing, as in life, quality overrides quantity.

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