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What Groups to Join on Social Media Platforms?

Not in Your Industry Silly!

Oh, we see it all the time. Someone in the event industry joins groups in LinkedIn and Facebook for the event industry. So, the groups in which they participate are generally competitors or vendors who serve the same industry.

Yes, sometimes vendors and others in the industry will refer you, and sometimes the content is relevant, so joining a few of those groups makes sense. But we are amazed by how many companies ignore groups that their clients are following.

Joining the groups in your client's industry will do so many things for you.

1. It will keep you up to date on what your client is concerned with, following and thinking about.

2. It will introduce you to new leads.

3. If will give you a connection into content of interest to your client.

So many groups, so little time.

BSS Recommendations

1. Join a select few groups in Facebook and LinkedIn, and actively participate in them.

2. Join one or two groups that caucus about your industry, and then join groups that caucus about the industries you serve.

You are a real estate broker, who sells mostly to people in Manhattan, who are in the banking industry? Find a banking group in LinkedIn and follow that. Your leads are there.

In summary, it's so not about you and what you are interested in, but rather, what your client is.

If you have any questions, need help finding groups, or would just like to get in touch, please shoot us an email.


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