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Facebook Boosting - Navigating the 20% Rule

Boosting on Facebook is a great way to get your brand in front of your target audience. Highly customizable. Targeted. Engaging with your people. We certainly are advocates for boosting your fabulous content on Facebook, as long as it's used in a productive way.

You may be of the camp that has found out the hard way, but Facebook doesn't let you boost anything and everything.

There are actually many, many rules when it comes to boosting on Facebook (here are sixty-eight of them...).

The one people ask us about the most is the 20% rule. So we wanted to walk through that rule specifically and offer up some tips.

Facebook's 20% Rule in Boosting

Here's a graphic we created for our client, Robert Wayne Man, a men's shoe brand, promoting their holiday sale on a particular boot.

We felt that it contained too much text for Facebook promoted content, and wanted to use it to test the Facebook rules. We tested this theory, and as we expected, the graphic was rejected by Facebook.

The photo or graphic needs to be the star of the post. Include only the most important information as text within your image, as only 20% of your image can consist of text. The rest of the information should go in the body of the post.

A Tip - The Grid Tool:

Facebook gives you a handy dandy Grid Tool to help you determine if the text on your image takes up more than 20% of the graphic.

Whereas this image is a go with less than 20% text.

You may have to adjust the size of your company's logo to comply with Facebook.

Shoot us an email if you want any help creating Facebook content appropriate for boosting, that has the best chance for success.

Frances Pearson, Account Executive

The Blue Shoe Team


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