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Say goodbye to the word "Newsletter"

The word Newsletter is officially retired from the English Language saith us at Blue Shoe. The idea that a newsletter sent once a month filled with information about how fabulous you are and what you have done for clients is something they actually want to read, was buried along with the fax machine a few years ago. No one has the time, nor the inclination, to open an email without knowing what is in it for them, and they certainly do not want an infomercial from you about what makes you money.

Ah, but worry not; they do want to hear from you and it will bring you business to connect through content driven messaging.

Here are our rules surrounding it:

  • Aways do one subject. Tell one story - compellingly, entertainingly, educationally. A story that is relevant to their interests and connects somehow to what you do or sell. Data that is interesting to their business. A moment of whimsy and levity perhaps, or new information about something that has a tie to what you do and sell.

  • Send something out when you have something you know your readers will find engaging, entertaining, and/or educational. We call it the 3E's, and it's the basis for all the marketing we do for our clients. If it doesn't fit into one of the three E's, we nix it. #SorryNotSorry

  • Blogs work the same way. If you have the time, the content, and the desire, move your newsletter format to a blog on your website, and launch content from the blog to your social media platforms. But the same rules apply. One subject per blog post.

  • Use other words rather than "newsletter" for your header. Name your publication. Blue Shoe Message. The Skimm (great news missive daily if you need your news in a hurry). Perspective. Thoughts.

A few tips for making sure you get the best reach:

  • Make sure the title of your blog, eblast, or article clearly defines what is in the piece. Doesn't need to be clever. It just needs to tell me what to expect when I take the next step to read it.

  • Consider asking people who you know will tell you the truth to give you input on whether or not you are as amazingly clever and brilliant as you think you are. Take their advice if it feels right, or if a number of people say the same thing.

  • Use visuals. Visuals rule.

  • Forward it to new contacts when relevant and mention you thought they might find it of interest.

  • Send it to bloggers who might find it interesting to get them interested in you. Make your note to them personal and tell them why you think they might find it interesting.

So, cast those newsletters you have been uploading to your website aside. Be gone newsletters of old! Into the heap with fax machines.

The Blue Shoe Team


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