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Too Much Information

We have a client who is changing their business. Moving west. Reviewing and possibly revising pricing. Possibly changing where the product is produced. They have a retail and a wholesale business and we were on the phone this morning discussing the messaging surrounding the changes. "They don't care what you are doing. They care about themselves and how they feel about your product and what you are offering them. That's all they care about. Where you are going to be located? What you are changing? Where the product is made is not on their radar." "Don't you think they will want to know about what's happening?" "Nope. Not unless it changes their lives in some way. And, it's July. A good time to change pricing but not mention it. Let's take it for a spin. But they could care less about the changes that are keeping you up at night. Could care less." I can't seem to get this message across. it comes up over and over again. What is important to you is not important to your client. Know the difference between the two and share what they care about and keep the rest to yourself. It's absolutely the best thing to remember in keeping your customers happy. Your customer does not care about you. They care about themselves.

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