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Custom Gifts for Your Clients

Need something designed for a date you are celebrating? Or launching? Or closing? We take your message and we find the perfect fit. Email us at and we will design the perfect gift for you to send. 

Custom Paint Can Candles

These custom paint can candles are a subtly branded gift for an open house, a thank you gift for clients, or a festive holiday gift. 


Custom 'Sweet Cards'

How sweet! These great ‘sweet cards’ are a great way to send out a sweet treat 
along with a note. Totally customizable and cost effective. 

Custom Gift

There's real power in a small gift and note. Whether your company is celebrating an anniversary, milestone, or just sending a gift because, we can help you create a gift and message for your posse. 


Custom Ice Cream Containers 

Talk about the unexpected. Whether you've having an event and you want to send your guests home with a to-go container of ice cream that will last for hours, or send them as the gift that keeps on giving. They'll thank you every time they have an outdoor event and can keep their dessert nice and cold. 


Custom Wooden Box

Whether you stuff your customizable gift full of your company's product and swag and send it out to your favorite client or curate a box full of yummy foods and beverages. You can do this yourself or even have us do it for you. Just reach out. 


Custom Backpack

Does your team travel? We can work with you to select and customize a bag that will fit the needs of your team. 


Dried Corn on the Cob

Dried corn on the cob that makes the BEST popcorn ever! Want to send some with your branding and messaging to your clients? Email us and we will set it up for you. We ship and send from you, with your branded cards, and a cob of corn. 

Screen Shot 2022-04-05 at 11.58.48 AM.png

Custom Canvas Bag

High quality tote bags can make for great welcome bags for your event and a gift to attendees and participants. Customize with your message or logo! 

Screen Shot 2022-04-07 at 3.22.19 PM.png

Custom Pick Up Sticks

Pick up sticks make for a cost-effective, out-of-the-box gift. Recipients will stick it on their desk, play when they need a break from the screen, and always have a constant reminder of your brand! 

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