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Gift Giving and Posting During the Holidays; Blue2 Philosophy

If you've asked anyone on our team about holiday gifts, you've heard our philosophy on posting and gifting around the holidays. While you probably heard that we think it's an oversaturated time in the 'market', we do have some suggestions for how to stand out, and when to do it.

If you feel you must send a gift during the December holiday season, do it the week before Thanksgiving or the first week of January. That's a quiet gifting time, but it is still 'holiday' time. We prefer sending gifts three to four times a year, in the off periods.

Take for example, this postcard sent out by our beloved, Harold Kobner, from Argo Real Estate. He sent it out as a Valentine's card to his clients, friends and family. It was a huge hit. And, he shared center stage with no one in the industry, because that is not when they normally connect.

Social Media? See our notes below.

And, some of the gifts we are doing for clients are shown further down in this email. Be unique. Be creative. Be thoughtful; never last minute. And, price point is much less important than creative connection to what you sell or the service you provide. Need help?

We are an email away.

Talk about a hat trick! Our fabulous client Sue Baxter covered entertaining, educational, and engaging for her Halloween post a few years ago. ______________________________________

For our NYC real estate client, they knew this is something New Yorkers inevitably have to deal with every year so they sent out this card in the early part of the winter

to their client list.

In addition, we also did a variation of this card for a client that provides services

to the elderly.

Both were also posted to their respective social media accounts, garnering an even

further reach.

If you want to chat about ideas for your own holiday social media and gifting, just reach out.


Some Gift Ideas

Here are a few of our picks for the upcoming holiday season at different price points and each can be fully customized.

Talk about unexpected. Whether you've having an event and you want to send your guests home with a to-go container of ice cream that will last for hours, or send them as the gift that keeps on giving. They'll thank you every time they have an outdoor event and can keep their dessert nice and cold.


How sweet! These great ‘sweet cards’ are a great way to send out a sweet treat

along with a note. Totally customizable and cost effective.


Whether you stuff your customizable gift full of your company's product and swag and send it out to your favorite client or curate a box full of yummy foods and beverages. You can do this yourself or even have us do it for you. Just reach out.


We have a client who does big business, based in Chicago. They wanted to send out something that was Chicago based. What's more Chicago than Garrett's popcorn? So this year their clients will be receiving tins of delicious popcorn. How are they making it their own? The top of the tin will be customized and each recipient will receive a gift note!

Our team is happy to brainstorm with you about your gifting plan.


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