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#BlueShoeAdCommentary - Right place, right thing to do

I was struck by this story, especially the four hours he waited past his shift to make sure she got her bike back.

Back to work today, forgot my pass so locked bike outside Cannon Street station. Left work at 6pm to find just the cut lock and no bike, resigned to never seeing my trusty stead again asked the station if they have cameras. A guy appeared waving at me, asked me to put the code into my cut lock. He replied ‘I have your bike’ with a smile I will never forget!! His name is Abdul Muneeb and he works for South Eastern Railways, he was on a break and saw a guy bolt cut the lock and challenged him to give it back, he then took it inside and waited 4 hours after his shift finished to personally make sure I got my bike back. The world needs more Abdul’s, he is a legend of a man and a credit to his employer. Credit: Steve Farmer

Opportunity: The bike company needs to reach out to Abdul, give him a bike, take pictures and tell the story to their following as well as put it out to those they covet. You had us at hello.

--Christine Merser


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