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Before the Big Game Even Starts, American Airlines Wins Super Bowl LVIII

A Super Bowl 2024 ad costs $7 million dollars. No, not, for a 60-second ad; that's $7 million for a 30-second spot. Every year I pick my favorite Super Bowl ad and talk about why it was my favorite. I'm not even going to watch them this year.

It's American Airlines who wins Blue2 Media's soon-to-be award for the best use of the Super Bowl in self-promotion.

"What did they do," you ask?

Some clever marketing person (I wish it was me, and I hope that American Airlines tells us whose idea it was. I would bet $7 million if I had it that it was a 'she.') said, "Let's name the flights we are adding from Kansas City to Vegas after numbers that mean something to the world of Taylor Swift and football, and those they celebrate around it." Flight 1989 (Taylor Swift's most successful album name) is already sold out. Yes, I checked. And of course, there is a flight for Kelce's jersey number (Flight 87), and also other celebrated player's numbers.

No official press release was put out by AA, but in a statement they did say...

"The excitement surrounding this year's sporting events has never been greater. You could say that after tonight's games, we are in our football era, and we are thrilled to provide additional direct flights from Kansas City to Las Vegas. To our customers who are huge sports fans, look what you made us do."

The result? Advertising history. The biggest bang for no buck is my take.

Well done, American Airlines. Well done.

--Christine Merser, Managing Partner, Blue2 Media


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