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Jon Stewart: Marketing in the New Model of Messaging

Last week Jon Stewart testified in front of Congress about the 9/11 survivors and the fact that Congress hadn’t signed a bill to give medical assistance to those individuals who were there, trying to help. A growing number of these brave men and women are now dying of the toxic contaminants they were exposed to while performing rescue operations and cleanup in the vicinity of the buildings. Stewart was articulate, clear, brutal, and accusatory, and backed up all of his claims with FACTS: This is what the situation is. This is how you have ignored it and tried to get other things done by holding it hostage. Why aren’t you at this hearing to listen to what I have to say, along with these other people who came down here to plead with you to hear them out? It, of course, made headlines.

McConnell was mentioned more than once as the person responsible for this five-year nightmare as people continue to die without the help they need funding for.

McConnell’s response was stupid. He said he didn’t know why Stewart was all upset; of course they would deal with the matter, but they are busy people and don’t have time to come to hearings. Dumb.

Stewart made appearances on Fox News and on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert to strike back. Watch the latter-mentioned appearance here.

One day later, the bill for full funding was unanimously passed without any pork added to it. One day later.

This is the new way to get things done:

Get a popular person who the people trust.

Have him truly perform his due diligence and get involved. (Stewart has worked with survivors for years.)

Present the case simply, clearly, and factually.

Infuse some emotion and passion into the message.

Then plan WHERE to attack, and keep the conversation going.


Watered-down marketing messaging will no longer work. If you have a product or service that truly does something exceptional, you can make the case for it in the right place, with a message that engages, educates, and entertains. Then you will be able to get it done.

I wish there were more Jon Stewarts out there. I salute him and all of the 9/11 responders suffering now, and I thank all of them for their service.

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