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Genius Scan: The App You Shouldn’t Live Without

We know you’re busy and always on the go. Have you ever needed to scan something quickly? It’s not a far-fetched request! In our digitally dependent world, we rely on instantaneity.

We at Blue Shoe have to scan when we're at clients - not that we don't trust our clients to send us that document from the meeting that they promised to send after the meeting ended - but it makes things so much easier to finish in the moment.

The Genius Scan – PDF Scanner App made by The Grizzly Labs does it all. It’s a scanner in your pocket, that exports your documents to JPEG or multi-page PDF files.

The photo resolution is great. The quality is precise.

"Camera apps aren't designed for close-up text scanning, but Genius Scan is." – The Guardian

Owning the “genius” title for this reason, the app detects the text in your picture frame. If you’re trying to take a picture of hand-written notes from that meeting, or snap a lengthy document with fine print – the text will directly translate to your newly created JPEG or PDF.

The app is made with YOU, the multi-tasking working professional in mind. There is no room for error. That’s why Genius Scan always guarantees to sync to your preferred drive – iCloud, Dropbox, Google Drive and so forth. Better yet, your documents can always be password protected.

Another great feature of the app is that it lets you modify your newly created documents with names and tags so that your files are readily available in your workflow. Say goodbye to obsessively making folders for your documents, you’ll never lose track again.

"This is an absolutely amazing app." -

Functioning without this app only seems like an inconvenience when your life could be this much easier. More than 20 million people have downloaded the FREE Genius Scan – PDF Scanner App. Why haven’t you?

Download it from the App Store today, for iPhone or iPad.

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