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October Ad of the Month

You know we love our Three E Proposition (all marketing initiatives should Engage, Entertain, and or Educate the target audience). Do two of the three and you are a winner. Do all three and you are a star. The upcoming election has created a divide in the United States not seen since the 60's. There is no humor. It's hard to find an ad around the campaigns that works with our Three E Proposition.

We found one.

Our ad this month is the new Early Vote Ad with Barack Obama, where he makes fun of himself, his staff, Joe Biden and his sense of being on time - all the while, selling you on early voting. We recognize that it's still a 'Hillary' ad, and therefore those that are cemented in the other corner will not like it. But it's still a great ad. It's an ad for the un-decided voter who gets to enjoy just one brief moment of levity surrounding Hillary's candidacy. Making an undecided voter smile while thinking of you is a win win in our book.

The ad is engaging, entertaining, and educational.

And, just for the record, our entire team at Blue Shoe Strategy has the day off to vote. And, we were told to put down the United States of America as the client when appropriating our time sheets for November 8th. We all hope you will vote on election day regardless of your political views. It is our right and our obligation.

Questions, give us a holler.

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