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September Ad of the Month

You know we love our Three E Proposition (all initiatives should Engage, Entertain, and or Educate the target audience). Do two of the three and you are a winner. Do all three and you are a star.

Our ad this month is the new Cigna Health ad where television doctors call on all of us to go get a check up. You have the surgical dream team including Hawkeye from Mash, McDreamy Shepard from Grey's Anatomy, Dr. Lisa Cuddy from House, and a few more stars from the ever popular medical shows, walking the halls of a hospital and entertaining us with their fabulous selves and some clever, cute remarks to back up the message.

The end of each of the segments calls for them to do a doctor 'pose' and McDreamy is dreamy in his cuteness around it.

So, our score on this one is 9.2 out of our power house perfect 10.

It's engaging and entertaining to be sure. BUT, it could have been educational too. How about sliding in just one statistic that speaks to those who get a check up annually live 10 years longer. (We made that up, but in today's political climate, who cares about accuracy in statistics - just kidding!)

They get high ratings for appealing to all. Alan Alda is for those over 60. McDreamy for those under 50. And, so on. There is a star for every age that makes the decision to get a check up or not.

Cigna's call to action is a good cause. And, it makes us like - and remember - their brand. AND, as if that isn't enough, they get to mention that they pay 100% of all annual check ups for their members. Winner, winner, stethoscope dinner.

The actors were paid to come on and do the ad, but no matter, with the ads only out a week or so and millions - literally - of viewers already, the cost is worth the payoff. Congrats to Cigna on their Blue Shoe Award win!

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