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2016 Trends: Buckets of Demographics

Over the last few years, I have been proposing the disintegration of the old fashioned demographic qualifiers such as age, gender, income and geography and asked our clients to base their demographics on common interests instead. If you sell cookies, promote that shortbread cookie to people who know kids in college who might want to send them cookies for exam week. Moms. Grandmoms. Friends. Boyfriend. Girlfriend. The common interest is caring about a college student. Pleasing that student is the goal, and promoting the cookies to do just that is the sell.

So many buckets, so little time. A product or service might have tens of buckets of demographics that want what is being sold. Targeting them where they hang out is the key.

Define your buckets. Fill them with content and make sure that each demographical group sees you at least once a month in one way or another. Make sure you don't dilute your worth with each demographical group by putting forth to one group another group's message. No one wants to hear about kids if they have no interest in them.

If you have a to do list longer than your lifespan, look at the results for the demographical groups you have targeted and continue to put out content around those that have the best return. Every now and then consider a demographical group you haven't pitched before. Call it a new methodology that replaces cold calling. With the ability to target through specific advertising and platforms that service demographical buckets (a blog for parents for example), you can test market your content and its results.

We love demographic buckets at Blue Shoe. If you want some help in defining your demographical buckets, let us know. We'd love to assist.

If you have any questions, or would like to get in touch, please shoot us an email.


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