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Bernie's Music Video

Here is Bernie Sanders' ad released a week ago nationally to great fan fare. A song from 1963; a song this upcoming generation has no relationship to. And, Bernie's poll numbers have taken a large upward turn over the past week. While we aren't saying the ad is why; we are saying it's the best ad of the campaign for any candidate thus far.

We have said - and had some pushback for the coldness with which we say it - that no one cares about you, your product or your service, they care about themselves, and if you want to reach them - to get them to commit to you as a loyal customer - you must make it about them.

Watch the ad again if you don't mind. Bernie is only seen in 9 seconds of the ad. And the build up to his second long cameo appearances is based around Americans (especially farming Iowans) living their life and rallying around the Bernie appearance about to be seen. Flash of Bernie, and then smiling faces who will decide on a soon to be Tuesday whether or not he wins the caucuses.

It's about them (or us I guess), and it's implied that he mirrors we Americans, and has in his future the ability to give us that which we aspire to be or have. And, that is why it's a break through ad. Lesson learned.

"No one cares about you. They care about themselves, and giving them a mirror into themselves and a window into that which they aspire to be, in all your marketing tools, will make them loyal customers. But it must be authentic. You must provide the promise you make to them."

-- Christine Merser, Managing Partner, Blue Shoe Strategy, Women In Business Speech, 2015


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