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Emirates Ad with Jennifer Aniston

We do think Jennifer Aniston knows how to nail an ad and the new Emirates A380 plane ad is no exception.

The marketing debate around the ad is whether it's childish, or smart? Our Blue Shoe house is divided on that. Let's run it by the criteria set by the Blue Shoe 3E's Marketing Mantra.

Does it engage?

Does it entertain?

Does it educate?

It is very engaging, although some say childish.

It's entertaining because it's Jennifer Aniston and she is entertaining.

And, you finish watching believing Emirates has features on their planes no one else has. It's a luxury market they seek to engage.

Is this a luxury ad? That might be the part that doesn't fit. Or maybe it does. You decide. We clearly can't make up our minds.

Christine Merser & The Blue Shoe Team

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