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Barbie's LinkedIn Profile. Seriously?

We love it when clients send us cool things to show us they are all about the marketing. This piece was sent to us by Danielle Bobish, event planner extraordinaire, and a Blue Shoe Cooperative member.

Lessons from Barbie walks us through the Barbie LinkedIn page that has already garnered 5,000 followers in a few weeks.

They put it on Barbie's Twitter Feed, which fed the LinkedIn page, and voila, Barbie is everywhere making waves on LinkedIn.

A few questions though.

Does it help Barbie to be on LinkedIn? Does it hurt?

What was the point of doing this? Media exposure? To what end? Will it sell more dolls?

Did it leave the brand open for ridicule? Does anyone take Barbie seriously as a business woman? LinkedIn is about serious people and serious business. They mention her 'cool' summary? Christine thinks she looks ridiculous. So many years. So little business substance. But Jessica, from our Chicago group, thinks she is cooler than cool and should now do a piece in what to wear to work in an office.

There is no right or wrong answer to this 'stunt' and whether it served its purpose of promoting the brand or not.

But it gives us the ability to ask the questions and assess the worth, which should be done against every initiative you put out there. So, do take a moment after you do something in marketing to assess its success. Or, shoot it over to us, if you are a client, and we'll give you our thoughts.

Enjoy this last week of summer before Labor Day marks the end of lazy summer and the fall begins!

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