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Liz Warren Nails It: Facebook Post of the Week

What's trending today? Jon Stewart's last show last night; that's what is trending.

What does it have to do with politics? Nothing, that's what it has to do with politics.

What does it have to do with Liz Warren or anything she stands for? Nothing I say yet again!

Get to the point Christine, will you? Here is Liz Warren's Facebook Post today.

Just in case you can't read it, here is the text again.

"The first time Jon Stewart invited me onto The Daily Show six years ago, I threw up backstage. I had gut-wrenching, stomach-turning stage fright. I was a no-name college professor there in 2009 to talk about oversight of the Wall Street bailout. It was important - and I didn't want to mess up and become the joke. The first couple of minutes seemed so terrible, I thought I would have to resign from my new position on the TARP Congressional Oversight Panel. But when we got to the commercial break, Jon could tell that I hadn't said what I'd come to say. He took my arm, told me to stay in my seat -- and then he let me deliver this message. That moment changed my life.

I'm grateful for every single time someone has come up to me and asked: "Hey, aren't you that lady I saw on Jon Stewart?" Because almost every time I've told someone, "Yup, that's me," they've followed it up with: "Keep fighting!" That's what Jon has done for 16 years: with passion and humor, he skewered the people who needed skewering, called out the big guys who rig the system, and prodded us all to fight back. Thanks, Jon!" Then she has the video of her on the show. Many will re-watch it.

She told us a secret (she threw up before she went on the show) that made her seem like you and me - which we all know she's not. But it makes us like her better anyway.

She brought up her project and promoted it without shoving it down my throat.

She piggy-backed on to Jon's moment and we never saw her coming. It was like a photo bomb exercise in print. She's so smart that Liz Warren.

Her post hits the Blue Shoe 3E theory; it's engaging, it's educational, it's entertainment. Win win.

If you are a Blue Shoe Client, do email us today and challenge us as to how you could have gotten into Jon Stewart's prime time moment today? It's called #StumpBlueShoe, and we love to play.

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