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Virtual Sample Sale

It's sales time. Mid Summer. Low volume. Everyone is having sales.

Our client, Klutch Handbags, is about ready to launch her semi-annual sample sale, which has really proved to be one of the strongest initiatives she has done thus far for moving product to allow new product in. She told us we could share the secrets with you. Just don't tell Hermes. Or Prada.

Here is how it works.

  • She launches on Instagram and puts an image of the bag, the price and how many. She tells them to comment if they want one. Which color? How many? And, so it begins. She then sends them an invoice and they pay and voila, they are sold.

  • The sale ran for two days, four hours each day. Then it was shut down. Like a bricks and mortar sample sale. The call to action had a sense of urgency.

  • Same thing on Facebook. And she boosts it.

  • She sends people from Twitter into Instagram or Facebook to do the 'buy.'

  • As the bags start to run out, she marks Sold Out on the thread and people ask about other colors, or if more are coming in.

It's a virtual sample sale that costs her nothing other than time. And, friends see what friends are buying and her reach is enlarged by others as we all wish could happen to our platforms.

Now, she doesn't cheat. She only puts up small quantities of left over bags.

And, she discounts big. It's truly a deal.

It's a win win. For her followers. For her. For friends of her followers.

Virtual Sample Sale. If you want some help, give a shout out.

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