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Testimonials in the Year 2015

It's 2015. The era of testimonials sent to you and then used by you on your website and social media platforms to legitimize and self-promote you to those you want to call your own is over. Oh, how we hope you don't shoot the messenger. I am asked over and over again about putting up emails, or letters, that sing thy own praises, and I never waver from the answer:

"No, I am so sorry," I answer each mustering as much empathy as I can. "You can hope that they take the testimonial they sent you and sing your praises to others, but as far as you sending that testimonial out, not so much."

Here it is in a nutshell. Let's look at one.

"Blue Shoe Team. I just had to write and tell you that your cooperative has doubled my business in less than a year and it's cost me a fraction of what signing on as a private client would have. How can I thank you? Give you my first born?

-- Leslie B

Ok, Leslie B is our fearless leader's sister, Leslie. Or that's who she might be. Truth be told, no one really reads testimonials or puts stock in them for sure. It's like the endorsements on LinkedIN. We beg our clients not to solicit them and not to endorse others.

If someone sends you a fabulous review, email them, or better yet, write them a heartfelt thank you for the time they took to tell you, and say that you hope they will pass on their recommendation to anyone they think might benefit from your products or services. That's the testimonial response in the year 2015.

Then re-read it several times and then send it to your significant other, children, BFF's and biggest competitor. (Just kidding on the competitor one.) Then move on with your day of being fabulous and that will be that.

"Special ops have earned the right to boast and don't; you're just a wannabee,

which is why you do."

-- Donna Lynne Hope

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