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Facebook Boost: Return on an $8 Investment

Ok, let's get started. Full disclosure says I have to tell you that I am Hollister inScreen Thoughts. Screen Thoughts is a Podcast on iTunes that reviews movies. I think we are fabulous movie reviewers. Me and my partner, O'Toole, who is a smarty pants. But I'm funny. Anyway, I digress. This is all about you.

We recently launched a Facebook page. You might want to like it which will make me like you better and send you free advice on your facebook page.

I decided to Boost a Podcast we did on the movie Pollyanna. I spent 8 dollars and targeted it to women across America who liked 'Pollyanna.'

Here are the results of the $8 spend.

So, 122 people clicked on the link to the podcast; 24 people liked the page, and there were 296 posts (it's now up over 350 as we increased the buy.) And, most importantly, more than 100 people 'shared' it. I'm fabulous right? Brilliant? Perfect target marketing through appealing to those that have a common interest - Pollyanna!

Not so fast smart girl.

Of the 300+ posts, not one person mentioned our Podcast. They all gushed over how they love the movie, but no one, not even my family, mentioned our podcast.

Reviewing data is not just about large numbers. Sometimes more is just more, not better. So while this was a successful $8 spend - truly I think it was - we also have to lament that they didn't feel the desire to comment on the podcast. We need to go look and see if they listened to it or just clicked to see what it was. Is podcasting worth it? Should you be writing reviews instead? What does it mean in the larger picture?

Taking my personal ego aside, the point of this eblast - in addition to getting you to listen to my podcasts - is that evaluating the success of something is a process that calls for digging deeper than the overview of numbers.

We put this post on the post this morning.

Screen Thoughts: Love that so many love Pollyanna but O'Toole and I would be so glad if you would actually listen to our Podcast about it... It's filled with all kinds of fabulous trivia!!! Thank you!!!!

Let's see what happens next. It's worth it to go back and re-work the program. It's a constant evolution.

And, we are grateful for the results. It was well worth the money.

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