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Be a Guest Blogger

"Trust me, you don't want to be a blogger unless you are a writer. Like a full time writer. As in you make your living writing. Gaining and maintaining a following as a blogger is a full time job. But guest blogging as an 'expert' in your field, where someone has already built a following just waiting to hear from you, is a ticket to advanced exposure for you and your brand."

- Christine Merser

Meet Our Guest Blogger, Christine Merser, Pulitzer Prize Winner 2019. (Ok, just kidding.)


DEC 28 2019, 7:43 PM ET

Guest blogging is perfect for you. You get to reach a new audience. It's a one time deal. You don't have to pay for the exposure. Win. Win.

How to get it done?

Pick a topic, any topic. Just make sure it's of interest to your potential customer base. And make sure you have something interesting to say about it.

Then go to the mothership of all things internet. Google.

Type in "Guest Blogger" or "Submit a Post" or "Contribute" and then put the topic in as well. Push enter and voila, you will have a list of blogs and websites interested in guest bloggers on the topic you would like to write about. Make sure the site is worthy of your fabulous prose.

Some tips.

1. When you send you inquiry, make it non-generic. Say why you would like to be included as a guest author in their site.

2. Make sure your inquiry is well written. Let's assume you know why I would say this.

3. Explain why you think this would be of interest to their readers and why it's timely.

4. Keep track of where you have sent inquiries.

5. Make sure you post it on social media when it comes out with a quote from your post that is relevant to your social media followers. No bragging about being published.

Best of luck. As someone who has guest blogged a lot, I can tell you that it's very rewarding, and it also opens your exposure to another group of people. If there is a warrant out for your arrest or you are on the lam, write under a pseudonym. God, I'm funny sometimes.

Have a fabulous day.

Christine Merser, managing partner

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